DPPD Event Policies

DPPD Welcomes Media

Durham Pagan Pride Day is a media friendly event.

As a public event held in a public place, our attendees acknowledge that photos or video of themselves may be taken by media for the purposes of showcasing the event.

That said, we request that media personnel respect the wishes of attendees who may wish not to be interviewed, or who may wish not to be recorded during the performance of ritual observances. When in doubt, just ask the individual or the leader of the workshop / ritual / performance you wish to record about their preferences before you begin recording .

We welcome media personnel who wish to document our event and ask that you say hello at our Resource Table. We will be happy to facilitate any interviews you wish to do and to point out photo opportunities.

No Alcohol
As we do not possess an alcohol permit, we ask that people refrain from its use in any way (ingestion, ritual offering, etc.).

No Drugs
We ask that the laws of this land be respected while on these premises. Anyone found to be in possession of, or under the influence of, illegal substances will be asked to leave the premises.

Bladed Ritual Tools
Bladed ritual tools such as athames and swords are not welcome at our event. While we respect everyone’s right to practice their religious beliefs, we ask that you store your Sacred Tools safely and securely outside of the park.

No Pets
Although it is difficult to be separated from our furry friends and familiars we ask that, with the exception of working animals (e.g. seeing eye dogs), animals be left in the comfort of their own homes.

Mind the Event Assistance Team (E.A.T.)
The members of the Event Assistance Team are there to ensure the safety and well-being of all those in attendance. They are identified by the wearing of a blue arm band. We ask everyone to comply with their instructions while on the premises. Failure to do so may lead to eviction.

Responsibilities & Liabilities
Durham Pagan Pride, its organizers, vendors and/or volunteers are not responsible for any stolen or damaged property.

Small children must be attended at all times. Care and safety of children remains the responsibility of their parent(s) and/or guardian(s).

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